Piano Rentals

Do you have any worry as below?

* My kid just started the piano lessons. I am so worry about wether he/she has the interest to carry on.

* I am so worry about how to delivery and set up the piano at home?

Don't worry. We all know that kids need to improve, they should practice everyday at home.
So we would like to recommand you to rent a piano. You may ask WHY RENT?
There are many reasons to rent a piano even if you buy one later. Cost and flexibility are usually at the top of the list. Regardless of your reason, you can affordably rent any piano we have. All of our rental pianos are in excellent working condition. Come to our showroom to fall in love with your piano. Or, email or call us today.
Getting a piano in your home, apartment or even space can seem like a bit of task. It's not. Our experienced teams will deliver and set up your piano exactly where you want it. And then we'll tune it pecfectly well by our professional tuners.

Piano rental formalities are very simple

1. Piano rental fee are $250.00 up to $550.00 per month.
2. Minimum size as 148cm (W) x 54cm (D) x 108cm (H).
3. Contract period as mimimum 1 year.
4. Prepaid the rent for the first year.
5. Deposit is 50% cost of the piano.
6. No deposit for HKID card holder.
7. Transportation fee will be charged single way only (Around $800). Over 2 years rental, the fee will be refunded. (Stair steps charge excluded)
8. Repairing and maintenance responsibilities will be provided by our company.
9. Free once tuning during each wholely rental year.
10. Accessories as heater, bench and keyboard cover will be freely provided by our company.
11. Free upgrade to adjustable bench.
12. Delivery will be completed within a week.
13. If rent to buy, part of rental fee will be refunded.
14. Piano just for private usage only. Must not be used for commercial or educational.

Popular pianos for rental

Model YAMAHA C108
Color Black
Size 148cm(W)x54cm(D)x108cm(H)
Rent $300-$350/month

Model YAMAHA C108
Color Walnut
Size 148cm(W)x54cm(D)x108cm(H)
Rent $300-$350/month

Model YAMAHA C108
Color Mahogany
Size 148cm(W)x54cm(D)x108cm(H)
Rent $300-$350/month

Color Black
Size 151cm(W)x55cm(D)x121cm(H)
Rent $300-$350/month

Color Black
Size 150cm(W)x63cm(D)x121cm(H)
Rent $380-$450/month

Color Black
Size 154cm(W)x67cm(D)x131cm(H)
Rent $500-$550/month

Model TOYAMA TX-123
Color Black
Size 150cm(W)x61cm(D)x123cm(H)
Rent $250-$280/month

Model KAWAI KX21
Color Brown
Size 150cm(W)x57cm(D)x121cm(H)
Rent $350-$400/month

Model KAWAI US-50
Color Black
Size 153.5cm(W)x66cm(D)x132cm(H)
Rent $550/month

Model DIAPASON 125
Color Black
Size 148cm(W)x62cm(D)x126cm(H)
Rent $320/month

Color Black
Size 150.5cm(W)x64.5cm(D)x126cm(H)
Rent $300/month